On Call Ad Ops - Services You Can Rely On

Using On Call Ad Ops for contract online ad operations services can take you smoothly from the idea process all the way through to the trafficking, reporting and billing if that's what you need. We can assist you with selection of an ad server, ad placement within the design of your website, implementation of the selected ad server with your development team, testing and finally...trafficking and reporting!

If you've already got ads implemented on your site, but you have a need for an ad trafficker on a freelance basis...we can step in and take care of your campaigns in a pinch!

We specialize in helping newer sites optimize their visits through well-planned ad placements. Using our services, ad server implementation can go from a nightmare to a dream. We've implemented ad servers numerous times on sites of all sizes and we have the ability to communicate well with both product and engineering teams to ensure that we do it once and do it right.

We offer the following services:

  • Ad Server Selection
  • Ad Server Integration
  • Ad Server Implementation
  • Trafficking
  • Reporting
  • Client Interaction
  • Sales Interaction
  • Basic Flash Ad Building
  • Trafficking Bundled with the DFP Premium Ad Server
  • Stellar Support and Service
  • Peace of Mind

We've worked with all of the major agencies, most of the major ad servers, we have a stellar relationship with DoubleClick and we've trafficked for many, many major advertisers.

Rich media? Not a problem! We've worked with most types of ads out there and are quick to learn any of the new technologies! We even have the ability to build basic Flash ads or HTML5 ads for you.

Text links? We can handle them! Even though most ad servers don't have a built-in method for trafficking text links, we've dealt with this ad product successfully and helped to make it a lucrative part of the online ad revenue stream. We've got experience working with customized solutions to help you integrate cutting edge ad placements into your site.

In addition to our services for helping you to set up your ad server and get your site monetizing, we also offer the DFP Premium (DoubleClick) ad server coupled with trafficking services. We are working to help smaller sites who need a more robust solution get one of the best ad servers out there. Our trafficking services, combined with the DFP Premium ad server, are available at a CPM rate dependent on the amount of traffic your site gets. Not only can you get an incredible ad server, but you can eliminate the need for internal headcount (and the cost that bears) and reduce the time spent on a sometimes difficult search for the right candidate for the job. Just specify your needs when you contact us and we can get started on giving you a great ad experience!

Our standard rate is $100/hour...but every situation is unique, please don't hesitate to reach out to me to discuss what possibilities suit your needs.

We work on a flat rate for most ad server implementations...we've found this is more appealing to publishers and is just an easier way to help you get started. Drop us a note and we'll set up a call to find out how to get your site up and running with ads!

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