-- Darin T. -

  "If you are looking to understand the basics of DFP, I recommend contacting Rainey Smith. I found Rainey's DFP video presentation at UC-Berkeley via a search on google. After watching the informative presentation I gave her a call. She took the time to explain the basics of DFP and put together an affordable proposal to get us started right away. She set up our ads in DFP and helped us to understand the lingo of Orders, Line Items and Inventory. With her basic DFP setup and training we are now able to navigate DFP comfortably on our own and know that we have a very knowledgeable ad ops expert on our side who we can call on to help us build our ad strategies as our website grows."  

-- Brian W. -

  "Rainey came on board to help cover for our Ad Ops Manager while he was away on vacation. She was a fast learner, maintained a great sense of humor, and was available at all times of day which was extremely helpful during this period of coverage. She has the ability to work independently, communicate at just the right level, and was collaborative with anyone across the company. Even though we only worked together for a few weeks, I consider her a core part of our team now and into the future."  

-- David P. - Operative

  "Rainey and I worked together to secure a business partnership She is easy going yet detail orientated which is critical for someone in an ad operations role. She owned the lofty responsibility of orchestrating the migration of the active campaigns of her company's then current ad server to a new ad server. She also successfully implemented the technical aspects of this process while building a strong relationship with the on boarding team at my company. Working with Rainey to coordinate the deal was a pleasure through and through and I hope to work with her again in the future."  

-- Andre P. - Clubspaces

  "Rainey is problem-solving-oriented and is able to quickly understand relevant information even in unfamiliar territory; with her collaboration we were able to rapidly develop a flexible ad control that withstood multiple iterations with minimal changes despite major objective shifts. Her communication is quick, direct, and effective. She is an expert in her field."  

-- Enrique G. -

  "Rainey is a very resourceful team player. If she doesn't know the answer to a question she will find and Engineer who does know the answer. Rainey is tech savvy in CPM, CPC, and email marketing campaigns. She has extensive experience working with 24/7 ad server as well as Dart. She builds great relationships with clients and works with them to have successful online campaigns. I highly recommend Rainey. She knows the ins and outs of an ad server and campaign management."  

-- Rhys J. - SideStep UK

  "Rainey's professionalism and willingness to be available at all sorts of hours meant that SideStep UK was able to start a viable platform for Deals. Without her stellar efforts it would not have happened. So even though we worked a short while I cannot recommend her enough."