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After working with several companies over the last 12 years, I realized that my experiences were diverse and valuable enough that just working on one site wasn't adequate use of the ad operations skills I'd come to have. By offering ad operations services on a consulting basis, I can help more people gain an edge in ad operations and get more websites set up to monetize via online advertising.

Throughout the past 12+ years, I've implemented more ad servers than I can remember! I first got my start in Ad Ops at eBay. My first official project as the Ad Ops Manager at eBay was to re-implement the ad server (DFP) onto the US, UK, Canadian, and Australian websites. There hadn't been great plans to advertise, so the ad tags were very simple with no ability to target...so obviously that wasn't enough for future sales! With the help of an amazing engineer, we got the project completed...smoothly and on time.

Over the course of my career, I've worked with a diverse group of sales professionals and development teams. I can communicate with nearly anyone, thanks to previous jobs in retail and customer support...and I'm comfortable communicating in all standards, from email to phone to instant messaging.

But, if you truly need someone in the UK/EU...we've got your solution. We now have a location in Dublin, Ireland to fit the needs of those of you not in the US.

I realize that it can be off-putting to think about having someone work on such an important piece of the business as Ad Operations from a remote location, but I've worked remotely frequently and effectively. While at SideStep, I was the UK Deals Manager...working with the UK office as well as UK companies to ensure that ads were trafficked properly as well as worded properly. The only drawback with the process was the time schedule. Because I was also working on US ads, I was in the office during US hours.

Now...we're always in the office...and if your office is located abroad, we're happy to adjust our schedule for you until the job is complete. Rest assured, we're 2-3 times as productive from home as in any office...and we'll work harder and smarter for you.

To find out a little bit more about my personal experience, take a look at my profile on LinkedIn: Rainey Smith - Online Resume.

Let On Call Ad Ops work for you!

Rainey Smith
Founder and Chief Trafficking Officer
On Call Ad Ops, Ltd.
** Disclaimer **

It has come to our attention that a company with several different sites is using the verbage "On Call Ad Ops" or entire parts of our content on their sites. We are taking legal steps to get this verbage removed from the offending sites.

On Call Ad Ops is in NO way affiliated with any other consulting firms providing ad operations or DFP implementation assistance. We are listed as a Preferred Partner with Google, but that is the extent of any affiliations.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for support and services and wish to inform all clientele and potential clientele of the above facts.

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